AF Refinish #1 Cutting Creme

Art. number: 132.437
Мeasure: 0.880 PCS
Piece: - +
Price: 51.96 lv
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Refinish 1 is suitable to polish all current car paint systems. Refinish 1 eliminates swirl-marks and holograms very fast. It removes also orange peel and dust particles from the surface.


Refinish 1 has a high-quality abrasive- and polishing performance. Finish Fast Cut fully removes heavy and light abrasive marks, as well as orange peel and dust particles. It does not cover up the marks with car-cosmetics, oil or wax but polishes them completely. Finish Fast Cut does not contains any silicone.

Handling device

CP E-Polisher.
All kind of Finish Foam.
Finish Waffle Pad.
Finish Compounding Felt.
Car Mop.
Car Clean Micro (microfibre cloth).
Car Polish Roll.
Car Clean Polish Box.
Polish Control Spray.

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AF Refinish #1 Cutting Creme