CS 1K EPOXY PRIMER grey 400 ml

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The 1K Epoxy Primer is an all-purpose 1K Primer with excellent adhesion and corrosion protection on steel panels, galvanised steel panels, aluminium and anodized aluminium surfaces.

For the optimal preparation of the damaged area pre-clean the surface thoroughly, on metal surfaces with a silicone remover.

For best results we recommend the use of a 2K filler after drying the Epoxy primer, if this is used as a Primer. If the Epoxy Primer was applied in thicker layers, it can be painted wet on wet with water-based or solvent-based coating systems.


The epoxy primer finds its application in the spot repair and partial painting. The 1K Epoxy Primer is characterized by its fast drying, the good performance, perfect insulation against moisture, excellent adhesion to most substrates and the best possible protection against rust.

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CS 1K EPOXY PRIMER grey 400 ml