CS CAR CLEAN Micro wiper green

Art. number: 137.414
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Мeasure: 40-40 PCS
Piece: - +
Price: 10.50 lv


Car Clean Micro is a micro-fibre-cloth in high quality for all kind of painted surfaces. It easily gets excellent results on surfaces without any smearing or leaving stripes. Additionally it removes polish-residues. Car Clean Micro can be used as well for cleaning with all detergents.


Car Clean Micro is a very soft and absorbent micro-fibre-cloth. The fiber-structure does not leave any grease or smearing-stripes in the polished surface. Car Clean Micro removes dirt, dust and grease on painted surfaces and it is very good for professional work on finished areas. Car Clean Micro is washable at 95° and can be used for cleaning with water-based and solvent detergents.

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CS CAR CLEAN Micro wiper green