CS FINISH Back Pad red M14

Art. number: 139.206
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Мeasure: 128-М14 PCS
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Price: 45.00 lv


Finish Back Pad can be used for all kind of polish-machines, to polish painted surfaces with a high gloss result. Because of its special, very soft foam, the Finish Back Pad does not leave any scratches after polishing.


Finish Back Pad is a special backing pad with flexible edges for all kind of polish sponges. It has a "non-grip" velcro area at the edges to ease the exchange of polish sponges and for their long durability. Finish Back Pad is available with a red base-pad for usage on polish-machine M14 and with a grey base pad for usage on polish machine 5/8”.

Handling device

- CP E-Polisher.
- Polishing Machine RC 166.
- All kind of Finsh Foam.
- Finish Waffle Pad.
- Finish Compounding Felt.
- Car Mop.

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CS FINISH Back Pad red M14