CS KS-2100 grey

Art. number: 139.214
Мeasure: 1 PC
Piece: - +
Price: 17.04 lv
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KS-2100 is a long-lasting stone chip protection for all car body panels, as well as a seam sealer for all parts of the vehicle. KS-2100 protects door sills, engine bonnets and the under-body against corrosion.


KS-2100 combines a stone chip protection and a seam sealer in one product. KS-2100 is based on rubber and resins. It has anti corrosive and sound deadening properties. After drying time, KS-2100 can be overpainted with all conventional paint systems. When applying 2 comp., base coat or water based lacquers the surface must be primed with CS Kunststoff-Haftvermittler-SPRAY ML 400 and allowed to flash off/dry before painting. The surface of KS-2100 is elastic, durable and resistant in many conditions.

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CS KS-2100 grey