CS KS-250 Cavity Protection ML

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KS-250 is designed to protect hollow cavities on vehicles from corrosion. It even flows into tight spaces and has a very good adhesion to metal. KS-250 has an excellent heat resistance and can be used on parts of the engine, as well. For renewing and retreating of existing protective coatings.


KS-250 has a hydrophobic and penetrating effect. Once the solvents are evaporated, KS-250 is slightly sticky and leaves a glazed wax-like film on the surface. KS-250 will provide a reliable rust protection for several years and has a long-term protection on surfaces, which are in contact with agressive liquids like salt-water etc.. KS 250 has a high melting point of 160°C and has a no-dripping feature for an optimal use.

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CS KS-250 Cavity Protection ML